Why dating a non-Christian is a poor

Why dating a non-Christian is a poor

Three massive reasons why you should reconsider whom you’re planning to date.

Dating is one thing that a great deal of young Christian teenagers look ahead to. But dating for Christians is just a bit more difficult compared to the remainder world, because when we date we need to think maybe not just of what’s enjoyable and feels good, exactly what provides glory to Jesus!

One thing that does not really bring glory to Jesus is dating non-Christians. There are lots of cause of this, therefore let’s take a good look at why you need to stay glued to dating people who share your faith.

You won’t share core values if you date a non-Christian

Christians involve some pretty crucial values that we keep during the centre of y our life. As an example, we value others that are loving ourselves pretty very. Continue reading “Why dating a non-Christian is a poor”